Hello Everyoneđź‘‹, Let me introduce my name

I Putu Agus Wahyu Dupayana

Data Engineer & Software Engineer

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I am a student at an Indonesian university. My study program is Statistical Computing with a specialization in Information Systems.

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Recent Project

The following are website projects that I have made with various programming languages such as R, Java and PHP. Then with the framework CodeIgniter, Laravel, Springboot, R Shiny and others

Shop Coffe Dashboard

Shop Coffee Dashboard is a website that displays the results of multinomial logistic regression anal...

Spill Course

Spill Course is an online course platform that provides various learning materials related to statis...

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Mastered programming language

Markup language, the programming that I have learned and have mastered is Python which I usually use for data processing. Then HTML and CSS to build the basic framework of the website. Furthermore, Javascript which can be used as a frontend or full stack with Node.JS. Apart from that, Java is used to create desktop applications, websites and android applications. Apart from Python, I also use R for data processing.